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Do-It-Yourself was never this much fun!
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Funky Rocker™ is your new best friend. Funky Rocker™ is fun to build, and lots more fun to use.  Funky Rocker™ is not your mother's Monkey Rocker™ machine; it's better!  This is simply the best homemade sex machine around, and you can build it as a great gift for your partner, a friend, or even yourself.  Rock All Night, if you can last that long.

Compare Funky Rocker™ to Monkey Rocker™
Build all day, then Rock All Night
                      ...with Funky Rocker™
We're always looking for fun ideas for new or improved designs.  Share a photo of your completed Funky Rocker™, make a suggestion for an improvement or new idea, send us a question, or just tell us what you think of our most satisfying and penetrating creation.
Funky Rocker™ dildo chair
Build your own dildo rocker  with Funky Rocker plans
Compare Funky Rocker™ to Monkey Rocker™
Funky Rocker™ Design Plans are provided in common PDF format.  Designs are provided in for both English and Metric Constructions.  Plans are full size, and include all dimensions, notes, and parts lists so you can get started right away. Sorry, we don't manufacture Funky Rockers at this time - we only provide you the plans to build one yourself.
If you have any questions concerning Funky Rocker™, please don't hesitate to contact us at Our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you.
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nor are we owned, operated by, affiliated with or endorsed by Doc Johnson. Funky Rocker™ is not Monkey Rocker™, nor are we owned, operated by, affiliated with or endorsed by Monkey Rocker™​

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Double Dildo'n Fun Awaits with Extreme DP Upgrade
Plans for a Dildo Rocker 
Compare Funky Rocker™ to 
Monkey Rocker™
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