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These are Supplemental Plans
Original Funky Rocker™ Design Plans are required
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Funky Rocker™ may look just like Monkey Rocker™ and Pleasure Rocker™, but read-on
Locked and loaded with your favorite toy, Funky Rocker™ is ready to go.  Take the drivers seat and get ready for maximum exhilaration. Watch out behind you though, Funky's ample backseat clearance may tempt other drivers to tailgate!
Unlike Monkey Rocker™ and Pleasure Rocker™, Funky Rocker™ lets you control the aim.  Dildo angle is adjustable whether your sitting forward, or "Cowgirl'n" it backwards- Yeee Haaa!  It's the only Buck'in Bronco that the goal is not stayin on, it's gettin off !
Stand tall soldier.  You're favorite toy will stand up straight and at attention for as long as you want.  It'll seem like you have a whole platoon waiting to please you non-stop.  Make sure to rest those privates after maneuvers though.
Adjust your toy fully forward, and you be set for "Tsunami" mode.  Funky Rocker's ability to pinpoint your epicenter of pleasure  will create a magnitude 10 earthquake and potential Tsunami.  Don your life preserver and prepare to get soaked.
What! You're waiting till pay day to get a 10" vacuum lock super-dong, and all you've got is your 6" with training wheels on it?  Well, Funky Rocker™ will let you adjust the dildo position for different length toys too!  Think of it as giving the short guy stilts so he can dance with the tall ladies
Let's brag a bit here, Funky Rocker's mechanism is just plain COOL!  While a bit more complicated than Monkey Rocker™ and Pleasure Rocker™ so that you can have the adjustable pleasure you desire, the extra parts are definitely worth the extra pleasure.  Just have fun!
Comparing Funky Rocker™ to Monkey Rocker™ or Pleasure Rocker™ is like.... well, there's just no comparison.  It's an elegant, yet heart stopping machine of pure pleasure!  Go ahead.  You know you want to build this wonderous toy right now!
Double dildo pleasure is yours.  The alternating motion of the Extreme Upgrade will satisfy even the most decadent desire.
Look closely now.  The Extreme DP Upgrade Plans let you use your favorite flare and/or vacuum-lock base dildos.  Pound for pound (pun intended), Extreme DP is worth its weight in gold.
Upgrade your Original Funky Rocker Design Plans to include kinky new restraints.  Don't let that incredible orgasm get away!
The Tail and Horns tell it all.  Extreme DP will bring out the devilish side of you.
If you have any questions concerning Funky Rocker™, please don't hesitate to contact us at Our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you.
This site is operated by Funky Rocker™ is not Doc Johnson, the manufacturer of the Vac-U-Lock® line.
nor are we owned, operated by, affiliated with or endorsed by Doc Johnson. Funky Rocker™ is not Monkey Rocker™, nor are we owned, operated by, affiliated with or endorsed by Monkey Rocker™​

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