Funky Rocker™ Design Plans
Do-It-Yourself was never this much fun!
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Funky Rocker™ is fully adjustable!
Funky Rocker™ is the best dildo rocking chair you'll ever make
Funky Rocker™ can use vacuum lock dildos just like Monkey Rocker™
Compare Funky Rocker™ design plans to Monkey Rocker™
Well Engineered Design
Engineered for maximum performance in tight spaces. The Funky Rocker™ shows its mastery of elegant design and functionality. Silent and smooth operation.  Cum on, it's as easy to ride as a playground swing - one that fucks you deep and hard though...Mmmm
Sturdy Construction
Detailed Drawings
Funky Rocker™ Design
Quite possibly the sturdiest piece of erotic furniture you'll ever ride.  Built from strong MDF board - the same furniture makers use. Funky Rocker's hardware is robust, yet well hidden within. Consider Funky Rocker Design Plans when asking "Where can I find Monkey Rocker Plans?"
Every possible detail is included, including full size drawings usable as templates.  Complete bill-of-material, source suggestions, dimensions for every fabricated part, and finishing tips too!  You can start building (orgasms that is) right away!
Your Favorite Toy Fits!
The integrated adaptor fits common vacuum lock type dildos (e.g. Doc Johnson brand), and the large selection of vacuum lock toys are certain to fit your every desire. Long and fat ones, short and skinny ones (really?), ribbed ones, and double ones (Yummy!).  The adaptor is easy to access, or make some simple modifications to fit your specific toy. It's that easy!
Completely Adjustable
Fun to Look At...and Use
Funky Rocker's design is deliciously unique when compared to other sex rockers. The knobs on Funky Rocker's handle provide adjustment for different toy lengths and motion.  "Different strokes for different folks," they say. Toy angle is easily adjusted by a simple lever too. Consider our Funky Rocker™ features when your considering how to build a Monkey Rocker™ 
Funky Rocker™ puts the Fun back in Funky.  It's graceful design, compact size (27"l x 16"w x 21"h), and fun heart-shaped accents give it a playful yet naughty look. Funky Rocker is super comfortable, easy to adjust, easy to use and clean, and easy to move around (~25 lb).  You'll find your fantasy of fucking a machine cum true in no time.  Make Funky Rocker your best fucking friend!
We put the Fun
 back in Funky...

Funky Rocker™ Design Plans answers "How to build a Monkey Rocker™ look-alike"
Build your own sex dildo rocker with Funky Rocker™ Design Plans
 Funky Rocker™

If you have any questions concerning Funky Rocker, please don't hesitate to contact us at Our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you.
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